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About me

Michael Borgwardt

Hello! My name is Michael Borgwardt, I was born 1977 and have been living and working in and around Munich, Germany for a long time, although strictly speaking I'm a "Zuag'roaster", i.e. not a true native.

A view past Munich's cathedral at the Alps

Munich is rather expensive to live in, but I feel very comfortable here, since it offers all the advantages of a big city without being an endless concrete waste.

You can find out more about my work and my hobbies in the other sections of this website - hopefully it's not too boring :-)

Why 'brazzy'?

Brazil, the movie

My online nickname is based on the 1984 movie Brazil, a dark surrealist story by Monty Python member Terry Gilliam, which is one of my favourite movies. Its title in turn is based on a 1930s song.

Originally I therefore called myself "Brazil", ever since that nickname was positively remarked upon during my very first contact with the Internet (which took place via a Gateway between IRC and the German Telecom's proprietary BTX service), which must have been around 1993.

However, it frequently led to misunderstandings as people assumed I was Brazilian, and of course "Brazil" was often already taken as a nickname. Therefore I eventually swichted to far more distinct "brazzy".


Anish   2018-01-07, 17:02
こんにちは Michael!
同じ東工大を卒業したAnishと申します。 StackOverflowをみていた時にJavaの質問の回答者のプロフィールをアクセスしたら、このページに辿り着きました。
Divyesh Kanzariya   2017-08-17, 10:49
Hello Michael,

I come to know about you through StackoverFlow.

I read your answers in StackoverFlow that really help me to resolve my issue related java :) bytheway I am Java GeeK :p I also write article about Java technology at http://javatutorialspot.com

Glad to being here :)
Stevie Wonder   2017-07-24, 11:33
I just wonder like my name literally says if I can write reply here
123   2017-07-11, 17:39
Spoke n Prong   2017-06-12, 00:47
Hello, we very much like your website. You are also very helpful regarding complexities in Studio Ghibli films - ESPECIALLY KIKI'S DELIVERY. I am a Welshman (international award-winning artist and a first-aid trained human being) and an artist (one who has won awards internationally, if I haven't already mentioned).

So, I came across your very thoughtful and considered approach to Jiji in the film - I was wondering ever so much why he didn't talk anymore at the end of the film. It made me very sad. I did enjoy the artwork though - which I would know, as I am an artist. An international award-winning artist at that. Which means I've won awards ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I was really very concerned about Jiji, as I once rescued a cat from a tree. I feel very close to cats, as I once rescued one from a tree with a broom (I won an award for this too). I called this cat Gareth, because that is my real name but I don't like to admit it. I HATE it when post comes through the door addressed to 'Gareth'.

Whatever. Anyway, I'm digressing. I have a client who recently became ill, and am contacting you as their next of kin. He has a black cat called Gareth (I renamed him) who desperately needs a home. I hope you can accept and, if so, please forward me your address within the next 48 hours. I think the cat would really like Munich, even if it is a little expensive. But you'd be buying the milk! HO HO HO.

Many thanks for your time. I hope to come across such a wonderful website again in the very near future.

Kind Regards,

Not Gareth

International Award-Winning Artist.

First-Aid Trained.

Occasional Fire Fighter.

Roop KUMAR   2016-10-02, 06:03
Hello Sir,

I come to know about you through this website -http://photo.stackexchange.com/users/25699/michael-borgwardt.

Actually I was looking some solution of photo size reduction for online e-commerce. Then i come to know by your post that we should make thumbnail and linked with actual pictures.
Can i know how i can do it for small e-commerce business in india?

Roop Kumar
sarvoday   2016-06-27, 11:32
hello sir,
1.I want to know that what is index in linked list(any linked collection)of java, because linkedlist(any linked collection) is not a continuous memory location.
2.how the manipulation of indexes are happen in linkedList(linkedcollection) menace at what basic it is increasing and decreasing the indexes after adding and deleting the elements.
sarvoday   2016-06-27, 11:32
hello sir,
1.I want to know that what is index in linked list(any linked collection)of java, because linkedlist(any linked collection) is not a continuous memory location.
2.how the manipulation of indexes are happen in linkedList(linkedcollection) menace at what basic it is increasing and decreasing the indexes after adding and deleting the elements.
yuchaod   2016-04-25, 15:47
hi,Michael Borgwardt,i see your answers in statckOverflow is very usefull, i'm a green hand on java, can we make a friend

to talk about java, i'm very want to learn from you. i come from Asia , forive my poor EngList,can you tell me your Facebook account, so i can add you friends, thank you.
Ali   2016-03-09, 14:19
Habib   2016-03-03, 13:53
Hey there,

You surprised me with the level of your command on Java and other stuffs in your website.
Keep it up as the world needs such a talent everyday!

A fan from US!
Eric ZANOU   2015-12-05, 18:30
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On 27th May 2011,22:53 GMT my client and his Family were involved in a car accident unfortunately lost their lives. My Client has an account here in Benin Republic West Africa with a commercial Bank here in Benin Republic West African worth Fourteen Million Five Hundred United States Dollars (14.5 MILLION USD). Since he lost his life and that of his family, there is no one to claim the bill and the Bank has issued me 21 days notice to provide his next of kin or have the account confiscated. I contacted you simply because you have the same last name and you are from the same country with him. You do not need to be afraid of anything because everything will be legally followed without any form of law breaching either in your country or mine.

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Steve   2015-07-30, 14:24

Do you happen to remember the small rental car company
that you posted where you were able to rent a car
in Chile and return to Argentina? I am having
difficulty finding a way to do that. Thanks
in advance
shan akbar   2014-05-24, 11:44
hlo sir I want to know about jobs in Germany..
Varun   2014-04-20, 12:01
Keep up the good work man
Manuel   2013-05-19, 07:04
I have a question you might be able to answer! =D: https://www.quora.com/Stackoverflow-1/What-does-it-feel-like-to-be-at-the-top-0-1-of-Stackoverflow
zilotti   2012-12-25, 04:47
Hello Brazzy,

It's really cool that you used to use Brazil as your nickname. I am brazilian and am proud of that.

Time to time I stumble on posts of yours. Keep up the good work!

Bill Nye   2012-04-19, 18:49
I looked through your integer tutorial <and it was fantastic> to say the least.
Grahame   2011-08-17, 05:51
Hello Brazzy,

I've just downloaded your 'big decimal program' and feel I am going to have crash course in German to understand it:-) would it be possible to obtain and English language version - or maybe I'm missing something;-)

Best regards

Victoria   2011-03-29, 16:25
Hello from Northern Québec!
I remember Brazil from my time in University (circa 1990's). It WAS dark!
Happy to meet somebody who seems upbeat on the web!
(You solved the Japanese Metro sign on the Cheeseburger site for me, thanks.)
Thariama   2011-02-25, 10:57
Brazil ist auch einer meiner Lieblingsfilme - Giliams Meisterwerk!!!
ded   2010-06-06, 11:44
Hi Michael,
Found this from your profile at SO ..nice site :)
btw i found some interesting things in your bookmarks so just mentioning you.
thanks and bye.
König   2008-09-07, 10:51
So nice website design.
浩一   2008-05-27, 14:59
がんばれ e(^。^)9
Mach's gut!
brazzy   2008-05-24, 02:09
Haltet Euch nicht zurück, immer her mit den Kommentaren!
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